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“Join without Leakage”

David Phee Enterprise Pte. Ltd. embraces this slogan which promotes the core business of our company. We are a leading stockist and distributor of pipe couplings, multi-flex couplings, flexible pipe coupling, repair clamps, flange adaptors and other tools focusing on pipe repairing. We aim to give you specialized, top quality and flexible pipe joint and pipe repair that suitable for all pipe materials such as steel and cast iron with different diameter sizes depending on what you require.

Our products can be employed in different industrial applications and piping industry around the world such as Surface or Underground Projects, Oil and Gas, Water Pipes, Shipbuilding platform, pipes used on bridge, and other manufacturing industry. This can solve piping system failure such as cracked, broken and damaged pipes easily without hot works.

David Phee Enterprise Pte. Ltd. carries and offers the following popular brands of repair materials which guarantee good and effective repairing for your piping industry.